Terms and Conditions


What does the warranty cover?

  • Failure of components caused by manufacturing defect or lack of quality control.
  • Products that are inoperative from the box.
  • Component malfunction cause by manufacturing defects.

Not covered by warranty:

The following situations or conditions will void the warranty of the system or any of the accessories purchased through our company:

  • Damages caused by wrong setup, installation, and adjustment.
  • Damages for negligent operation and/or inadequate handling.
  • If the product is opened, dismantled, altered, modified, tampered with, or if the safety seals are broken.
  • If the product is used in conditions or functions different to the ones it was created and designed for.
  • If third-party accessories or add-ons are used.
  • Damaged systems for their usage with insufficient or excessive voltage.
  • If the specified water pressure is not between the minimum and maximum ranges required for its proper functionality.
  • Systems that show signs of physical damage like bumps, dents, or scratches.

Products acquired through non-authorized distributors or resellers

Vesibox shall not validate warranty to any product acquired through a non-authorized reseller. If such is the case, you will only be able to request for service or guidance by calling the customer service line, or by contacting the person or company where you acquired the system for a replacement or specific solution.

Normal wear and tear

  • Systems exposed to extreme conditions are not covered by warranty.
  • Any flaws presented by the system for improper use or handling are not covered by warranty.
  • If the systems are submitted to unusual conditions or functions, different from the ones they were designed for, they shall not be covered by warranty.


  1. The warranty for all Vesibox® products is limited to one (1) year for manufacturing defects, source flaws, and workforce.
  2. The Vesibox® limited warranty is of one (1) calendar year starting from the date of purchase.
  3. Vesibox® products require a filter change (both sediment and carbon filters) every 6 months or 7000 water liters (whichever happens first) for their correct functionality. In case of not complying with this condition during valid warranty time, said warranty will be void. In order to show that the proper filter change was performed during the limited time of warranty, a proof of purchase emmited by Vesibox® for the new filter set needs to be presented.
  4. The Vesibox® limited warranty will lose effect if it is determined that the product was exposed to conditions or situations different to the ones it was designed for; i.e. extreme temperatures (high and low), voltage variations, water from a different source than public network or that does not comply with the physical-chemical and microbiological potability requirements, chemical additives, add-ons not included/authorized by Vesibox®, physical damage, low water pressure, among others, as well as if the product is opened, repaired, and/or handled by unauthorized personnel. To know more details please read the user’s manual inside the product’s packaging. By ordering this product you agree with our terms and conditions.

Returns and refunds policies

  1. This product is non-refundable and no returns shall be accepted.
  2. In case of receiving a faulty product from firts use, with factory defects or source flaws, you will have to call the Customer Service department at the number +1 (305) 433 5570, or send an email to customerservice@myvesibox.com, Monday through Friday from 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. EST, and an agent will assess if the product is inoperative or presents a factory defect or source flaw, to offer you the following options:
  • Replacement

The product has to be returned to our warehouse within 30 days after the report was made. All products must include their original packaging without any scratches or marks, and contain all the accessories and manuals that were sent with the product. Once received by the warehouse, you will be notified via email, and a new product of the same model you ordered will be sent to you free of charge as a replacement for the inoperative product since first use, or presenting a factory defect or source flaw.

  • Service

You can send your product to us for repairs without any cost during the 1-year limited warranty starting from the date of purchase, as long as it presents a factory defect, source flaw or malfunction.

  1. Vesibox reserves the right to test the product that was returned for being inoperative since first use, or for presenting factory defects or source flaws. If the consumer has misrepresented or described the fault of the product incorrectly, all expenses that this may cause, which can be of up to $200 USD, shall be borne by the consumer.


In both cases, it is mandatory to present a copy of the original proof of purchase in order to process any type of claim and/or warranty application. Vesibox recommends that you use a courier service that offers tracking for all your returns and ensures delivery to Vesibox without any complications, and to be completely covered if the shipment is damaged or lost. If you choose not to use a courier service, you will be responsible for any damages or losses during shipping.


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