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Reverse osmosis and “Dead Water”

Reverse osmosis and “Dead Water”

Most commercial bottled water brands purify their H2O with a process called reverse osmosis. Water subjected to this process ends up virtually without a trace of the minerals that our bodies need to be healthy. Stripping the minerals from water is not natural, and the long-term effects of drinking reverse osmosis water are unknown.

Scientific studies revealed that fresh water fish die when put inside a tank filled with reverse osmosis water. If fish die in this pure, mineral-free liquid, we have to ask ourselves how this water affects our organism when we drink it. Some people even call reverse osmosis water “dead water”, because it has absolutely no nutritional value. Reverse osmosis water is also highly oxidant, and oxidation causes the aging and death of our cells.

Us consumers have been so concerned in removing whatever we can from the water we drink, that we have actually forgotten to ask if the result is good for our health or not. One can assume that “no toxins equals better health”, but there are a lot more elements that make water healthy apart from the absence of toxins.

The alarming thing here is that the consumption of reverse osmosis water for just a few months can create severe side effects. The effects of most chemicals found in drinking water usually manifest after a long time of exposure. Nevertheless, just a few months are enough for the “consumption time effects” of water low in magnesium and/or calcium.

There are records of people that started to use reverse osmosis systems for the final treatment of drinking water in their homes in 2000 – 2002. These records show that after only a couple months, complaints started to appear that suggested a heavy deficiency in the water’s minerals. Among the complaints, there were cardiovascular disorders, extreme fatigue, heavy cramps, and muscle weakness. Again, these severe side effects started just a couple months after they started using reverse osmosis.

But, it gets worse. Since reverse osmosis water does not have the necessary minerals, when consumed, it also absorbs the minerals that are already stored in our bodies. This means that the minerals that are obtained through food and vitamins leave our body via urine. So, less minerals taken in, plus more minerals eliminated from our bodies, equals serious health issues. In a study made to prove if the minerals consumed in a diet could compensate the lack of minerals caused by reverse osmosis, scientists concluded that the reduced intake of minerals due to this water could not be compensated with food. Water with low mineral levels was the cause for the elimination of these nutrients in the body.

It has been properly proven that the consumption of water with low mineral levels has a negative impact in the homeostasis mechanisms, compromising minerals and water metabolisms. Reverse osmosis water consumption leads to the dissolution of electrolytes in body water. The inadequate distribution of body water can compromise the correct functionality of the vital organs. Side effects at the beginning include fatigue, weakness, and headaches, but in the long run they can get as bad as heavy cramps and heart deficiency.

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