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Our company is formed by a council that counts with the business resilience and expertise of Mexican communications giants IUSA and IUSACELL, associated with other outstanding businesspeople in diverse fields related to health business, nutrition, quality of life, food products, real estate, and technology.

VesiO3 has over 3 years of experience manufacturing and commercializing ozone-based smart systems, and currently counts with very important customers in Mexico, like COMETRA, PUERTO MADERO, BANDONEON, FAIRMONT MAYAKOBA, HARLEY-DAVIDSON, among others.

By observing the approval in companies, and considering the significant benefits of the VesiO3 health and environmental systems, our company decided to implement a program for making these systems accessible to the general market.


After three challenging years analizing and studying the processes and benefits of ozone in everyday life, and inspired in the processes on which nature produces it, a system for the total disinfection and purification of water, food products and surfaces was finally conceived. Two devices now condense the result of such research.


To contribute to improve everybody’s health by offering them the option to hydrate properly; to cooperate to the keepsake of the environtment by reducing the use of plastic to the mínimum, and the complete elimination of chemical substances for personal and home use.


To provide people and their loved ones with a better quality of life by staying well hydrated and breathing in a clean, fresh environment, and to promote a green conciousness so in the future we can enjoy of a clean and full of life world.


ETHICAL BEHAVIOR: We act professionally, with high moral integrity, loyalty, and respect.

CUSTOMER ORIENTATION: We center our efforts in the complete satisfaction of our customers, always bringing competitive solutions.

INNOVATION: We promote constant progress to achieve maximum quality and high profitability.

TOTAL QUALITY: We focus in securing every customer’s satisfaction, turning their experiences into something unique.

TEAM WORK: We encourage the participation of everyone to accomplish a common objective, sharing information and knowledge.

Vesibox® is a registered trademark by Vesi O3, leaders in health technology.


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IAPMO Platinum

Certified by IAPMO R&T to the US EPA Guide Standard and Protocol for Testing Microbiological Water Purifiers for the reduction of bacteria, virus and cysts.

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